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Donate once or set up a monthly donation to help support folks in the Peterborough community who are experiencing homelessness and/or criminalization through housing support, employment, frontline work, and systemic advocacy.


We are always looking for and excited to receive help from volunteers.  

Please follow the link below to read more about volunteering and fill out the form to apply.


If you have items you would like to donate - all donations can be delivered to 541 Water St. Peterborough, ON K9H 3M6.

For a current list of much needed items for our programs, follow the link below.


Are You A Business Looking To Donate?

Consider Developing A Workplace Giving Program

Get people across your organization involved in donating to a cause they care about. You have multiple workplace giving options, including matching donations, payroll deductions and internal events. Reach out to our team to learn more.

Donate With Your Team

Rally your colleagues to raise money and support folks in our community experiencing homelessness and/or criminalization.  Need some help? Got questions? Reach out to us today!

Create A Cause-Related Marketing Program

Design a marketing program that gives customers and employees a way to help support folks experiencing homelessness and/or criminalization. Examples include encouraging donations at the point of purchase, donating a percentage of sales, and product-based fundraisers.

Donate Supplies

Your donation can help somebody stay warm on a cold night, receive a fresh set of clothes, or have necessary hygiene items.  Follow the link below to see a list of items that are always useful to our community.

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