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One City Peterborough Announces New Leadership

Katelyn James will join Christian Harvey as Co-Executive Director

Peterborough, Ontario - On September 20th, at their Annual General Meeting, One City Peterborough announced that Katelyn James would join Christian Harvey as Co-Executive Director of the organization.

Katelyn James has been with the organization from the beginning, working with Harvey to create the Warming Room back in 2014, and has worked as the Operations Director for the past 3 years.

“Relationships are at the heart of what we do, and if that is the case, then we need relationship at every level of this organization,” said Harvey. “I have led with Katelyn for years now, she is incredibly gifted. Leading together in this new way feels like the natural next step and better fit for who we are at One City.”

One City Peterborough is an organization committed to supporting those experiencing homelessness and criminalization with services such as housing, employment, outreach and other services. Katelyn and Christian will now lead the organization together as Co-Executive Directors.

“I am excited to enter into this co-Executive Director role with Christian,” said Katelyn, “and continue to grow a culture of shared leadership across the whole organization as we work together to create a community where everyone belongs.”

For more information please contact Christian Harvey at (705) 768-6050 or or Katelyn James at (705) 313-2369 or

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