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One City is thrilled to be the new home of the River Magazine, a publication written by and for those of the low income community in Peterborough. 


Living on a low income takes perseverance, ingenuity and determination just to keep a roof overhead and food in the cupboard. There usually isn’t enough time, money or energy left to follow up on creative ideas and projects.


The River Magazine gives people living on a low income a publication to showcase their writing, art and ideas, and an opportunity to be paid for their contributions.


Why subscribe?


By subscribing to this magazine, you are helping subsidize the cost of printing and paying the contributors for their work. 


Traditionally, The River is a free magainze, as we believe in accessibility and wish to eliminate barriers for individauls to share their art. However, when you choose a paid subscription you help cover the cost of some of those magazines that are given away for free in various community locations!


A subscription includes:


  • 2 copies of the Winter/Spring 2024 and Summer/Fall 2024 editions, mailed to the recipient. One for them to keep, and one to give away. This means the subscription is not only supporting the publication, but also broadening its reach! 
  • Please Note: When you purchase a River subscription as a gift, both issues will be sent to the recipient so they get the joy of reading and sharing the magazine. You can tell them that they can expect their issues in the mail in Mar/Apr and Aug/Sept 2024. 


IMPORTANT! When you check out, please choose the Shipped via Letter Mail option and be sure to use the RECIPIENT'S ADDRESS in the Delivery Details.  Your name and info will go in the Customer Details. 


If you would like to give a back-issue of The River as a physical gift you can wrap up this holiday, please contact our office to let us know and set up a pick-up time. 

River Magazine Subscription

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