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One City Peterborough is engaged in varied initiatives, and there are always new, exciting possibilities ahead. Some of our programs look to create stability and increase wellness for those experiencing criminalization and homelessness, such as housing, employment and support programs; some of our work focuses on advocating for systemic change such as challenging laws that criminalize individuals; and some of our work addresses immediate needs, such as survival gear for folks sleeping outside. 

We strive to provide housing and community for individuals struggling with chronic homelessness and disengagement. We currently own 3 houses, manage four locations for private landlords, and three locations for other non-profit agencies, to provide 30 places to live for individuals in the community.

Over the last 2 years, we have developed employment opportunities that are open to people who have experienced barriers to traditional employment, whether due to homelessness, criminalization, or social exclusion.  We acknowledge the ways in which people are excluded from the workforce, and aim to create space where people can choose to be employed, valued for their talents and gifts, and challenged to learn new skills while receiving the support they need to succeed. 

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We currently run one Reintegration Home and are in the process of renovating a second. The "Haley House" is a halfway house for individuals coming out of federal prison who are palliative or struggle with significant health concerns.  Our upcoming transition house will host folks of a more general population who are coming out of the prison system.

An important part of our vision is a Peterborough that has inclusive public spaces and programs for people to participate, create, and connect. We currently offer an Open Arts Studio, Drumming Circles, Veterinarian Care, and a Recording Studio.

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The CoSA mission is to substantially reduce the risk of future sexual victimization by assisting and supporting released individuals in their task of integrating with the community and leading a responsible, productive, and accountable life. Each core member is supported by a circle of volunteers who work with them to achieve goals and avoid reoffending.

Community members can come by our office Monday - Friday between 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm to donate or receive supplies.


One City staff are available to assist.

Please call ahead if you are unsure whether we accept the items you are hoping to donate.

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