Our employment programs are one way that we foster belonging and dignity in our community.  

Over the last two years, we have developed employment opportunities that are open to people who have experienced barriers to traditional employment, whether due to homelessness, criminalization, or social exclusion.

We acknowledge the ways in which people are excluded from the workforce and aim to create space where people can choose to be employed, are valued for their talents and gifts, and challenged to learn new skills while receiving the support they need to succeed.

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The CleanTeam initiative runs year-round and offers individuals the chance to further their work experience and readiness. This program also runs in partnership with Charlotte Cares, with a focus on creating safe and clean spaces, as well as building employable skills in the cleaning industry. We clean for residential and commercial clients. This program is specifically for individuals looking to secure longer term employment beyond One City. Our Employment Facilitator journeys with staff as they learn the work, identify strengths and areas of growth, and transition into further learning experiences or job opportunities.



In partnership with the Downtown Business Improvement Area, Clint's Property Maintenance and Charlotte Cares, we hire about 24 folks in the community during the summer months to do microcleaning of the downtown, including picking up litter, disposing of needles and cigarettes, cleaning stains on the sidewalk, and sweeping. This short-term employment program is a chance for individuals to get back into work, build up a reference, practice skills, gain confidence, and connect with the downtown community.

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We want to honour the different gifts each individual has, and create opportunities for folks to share those with the rest of the community. Each year, we have some funding to pay individuals who are or have experienced homelessness and/or criminalization honorariums for teaching others - whether it be woodworking, mosaic, beading, or screen printing, we are lucky to be able to host small workshops for this to happen.


We are grateful to our partners!


Charlotte Cares


Clint's Property Maintenance